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Divine Inspirations
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    Divine Inspirations

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    Author: Geraldine,

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    ISBN: 1579181171

    Number of Pages: 216


    Product Description

    Divine Inspiration is available in English-Hardcover, and Spanish-Softcover Only.

    "Divine Inspirations" began with a ‘near death’ experience of a mother of six (living in Australia), when she was about to have her fourth child. She was a non-practicing Catholic at that time, but her good grandmother had taught her to pray in her early years. She said in desperation, "Jesus, help me please. I can’t bear this pain; it is too much. I give it to you." At that moment she seemed to pass from agony to another place, where she was free from pain. "…In front of me to my left I saw the figure of a Man and it was as though the sun was shining from His face.… I felt His great compassion for me. It reminded me of a long lost brother who loves you very much and wants to help." She also saw a Woman, Who had a tremendous hold over Him on account of Her love; She was preventing Him from punishing the wicked people on earth.

    Geraldine’s life changed. She began to frequent the Sacraments and attend and organize rosary prayer groups. Later she began to receive locutions which she was instructed to write down. She sought spiritual direction and finally she found Father Richard Masin. When Father Masin went overseas, Father Michael Love S.J., guided her. He died of cancer in 1994 and she began going to her present spiritual director. All three Priests agree that these messages are genuine. The European and the Australian editions have been checked by theologians and are free from doctrinal errors and have been granted "Nihil Obstats" and "Imprimaturs" by the respective Archdioceses.

    Geraldine, along with her Spiritual Director, Fr. Zondi, visited the United States in January of 2001. It was a very fruitful trip which was highlighted with a special visit with Mother Angelica. Geraldine hopes to be able to return to the United States in 2002. Please continue to keep Geraldine and her family in prayer as she suffers greatly in fulfilling her work for our Lord Jesus.

    Divine Inspirations from Jesus and Mary For Love of Many "I desire all who read this book to have great reverence for what is contained therein. This treasure is from my Sacred Heart and is to be taken seriously by all." —message from Jesus 8/29/96

    "The messages contained in these private revelations are deserving of prayerful reflection and meditation." — Bishop Geoffrey F. Mayne, Military Ordinary, Australia

    NIHIL OBSTAT Reverend Marco Chiolerio, OCD

    IMPRIMATUR The Most Reverend Jaroslav Skarvada, Archdiocese of Prague