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Complete Volume Index Volumes 1-50
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    Complete Volume Index Volumes 1-50

    Price: $9.95

    Author: Leary, John

    Order Number: 3833

    ISBN: 1-57918-365-4

    Product Description

    This useful resource contains a complete Index of Messages by subject found in Volumes 1 through 50 of "Prepare for the Great Tribulation and the Era of Peace. The Index lists the subject and the date of the Message as well as the volumes where it can be found. This will enable you to quickly locate messages by subject such as Abortion, Blessed Sacrament, The Warning, Confession, Refuges, Antichrist, and Martyrdom, to name a few. An enlightening guide, this Index will help to open your eyes to the importance of Our Lord's words of loving and warning.

    For the newcomer this will prove an invaluable way of navigating through the messages of John Leary. For the long-time John Leary reader you will find the Index an essential addition to you John Leary collection.