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Catholic Apologetics Study Bible Vol. II
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    Catholic Apologetics Study Bible Vol. II

    The Apocalypse of St. John

    Price: $34.95

    Author: Sungenis, Robert

    Order Number: 3676H

    ISBN: 978-1-57918-329-8

    Number of Pages: 550

    Product Description

    Available in Hardcover only. The Catholic Apologetic Study Bible, Volume II, The Apocalypse of St. John, is a one of a kind, detailed and comprehensive treatment of this most fascinating and intriguing book of the Bible. Its many unique features, including: a detailed exegesis of every chapter and verse; an explanation of all the book's symbols, numbers and characters; a clear and concise outline; charts and diagrams for easy comprehension; deep insights from the original Greek, Hebrew and Latin texts; meticulous citations from the Fathers, medieval, popes, councils, saints and catechism; correlations with Marian apparitions and current events; detailed expositions of Daniel and Zechariah's prophecies; critiques of non-Catholic interpretations; practical advice for daily living, and much more.

    In short, the Apocalypse will come alive for you as never before. There is simply no study of the Apocalypse like this available on the market.