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Catholic Apologetics Study Bible Vol I
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    Catholic Apologetics Study Bible Vol I

    The Gospel According to St. Matthew

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    Author: Sungenis, Robert

    Order Number: 3675

    ISBN: 1579182364

    Number of Pages: 464

    Product Description

    What makes this study bible different from all the other Catholic study Bibles on the market? The Catholic Apologetics Study Bible (CASB) is an updated and improved translation of the Douay-Rheims bible. No one has ever done this before. The CASB replaces the archaic 16th century words with more modern words, and the grammar and syntax are updated for smoother reading. The Douay-Rhemis is one of the more accurate Catholic English translations, since it tranlates word-for-word. The Douay-Rhemis is translated from St. Jerome's Latin Vulgate, which remains the Catholic Church's one "official" translation of Scripture. Whereas many other bibles are printed in small fonts, the CASB is printed in Times New Roman 12-point font for easy legibility. Rather than continuous text with no breaks or subtitles, the CASB marks off every new biblical topic with informative headings for easier reading and comprehension. Because of the CASB's one-column format, there is substantial room for scriptural cross-references. As a result, the CASB has one of the most, if not THE most, cross-references of any Bible on the market. By comparing to similar scriptures, these cross-references help you understand the meaning of the topic being discussed. The CASB puts Old Testament quotations in italic font, and double indents larger quotes. For those interested in the original languages of Latin, Greek and Hebrew, the CASB contains extensive footnotes on pertinent issues regarding words, grammar, history and the like. The most outstanding feature of the CASB is its extensive Apolgetics Commentary.

    Here's how it works: You notice that a verse in the text you are reading is in bold ink. This verse is bold because of its highly controversial nature. The bold verse directs you to the following pages where the verse is explained in question and answer format. The explanation may run for several pages. Within the explanation, the CASB also cites all the major Patristic (Early Fathers) and Medieval theologians who spoke on this verse or topic. In addition, the CASB cites the major statements from the various Councils of the Church, Papal declarations, and Catechism references. Because so many people have requested it, the CASB even leaves room for your own personal notes at the end of the explanation page. Although the CASB will be covering the New Testament, all the cited passages in the CASB's cross-references to the Old Testament, including the Deutero-canonicals, are translated and typed out and put in a separate section of the CASB. Hence, you will not need to have another bible when looking up Old Testament passages that are relevant to what you are studying. The CASB will have a handy and thorough Concordance. A concordance helps you find particular passages. For example, if you want to find the places where the New Testament uses the word "justification," a concordance will show you all the verses that contain that word. And here's the best part: you will come to know and respect your Catholic faith so much better once you see how faithful the Catholic Church has been with Scripture. You'll be able to teach and defend any Catholic doctrine from Scripture once you know how to do it. Contains the Catholic Church's Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur. There is no Study Bible like the CASB on the market, Catholic or Protestant.

    Hardbound. A perfect gift idea.

    Author, scholar, and President of Catholic Apologetic International, Robert Sungenis, has written a study Bible made especially for Catholics who want to know how to teach and defend the Catholic faith from Scripture. The author gives detailed commentary on all the relevant passages; cites Early Fathers, Councils, Medieval theologians, Popes, and the 1994 Catechism; gives studies on key Greek, Hebrew or Latin words; gives numerous cross references for further study; and teaches you how to interpret Scripture.