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Boschettos Dream - John Boscos Childhood
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    Boschettos Dream - John Boscos Childhood

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    This true, timeless story brings to life for children ages five to eight John Bosco's first famous dream, and through the power of prayer, his youthful struggle to fulfill it. This young Italian boy living in the 1800s becomes a dynamic champion for poor and homeless youth. His heroic life serves as an excellent role model for all. Just listen to the dream god plants within your heart.

    For author/Illustrator M. Teresa Cochran, writing Boschetto's Dream began with a prayer, a dream and a real rose. She was led to the true story of John Bosco who lived and cared for hundreds of castaway youth. With magnetic charisma, he could turn the most miserable ruffians into happy loving children. The search to discover his secret technique for "taming the wildest of children" began.
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