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Bones of Contention & Letters to the Church
    Close Bones of Contention & Letters to the Church

    Bones of Contention & Letters to the Church

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    Author: Bolderson, John

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    ISBN: 3081 & 3016

    Product Description

    Bones of Contention
    By:Fr. John D. Bolderson
    A popular consideration of sublime topics for use by Catholics over beer and pretzels. Includes ideas about such subjects as inclusive languages, capital punishment, celibacy and many more thought provoking topics that the average Catholic has thought about. Reg. $7.95

    Letters to the Churches
    By: Eduardo P. Olaguer, Jr.
    Letters to the Churches demonstrates that the Catholic Churches and it alone, is a divine institution living in light of heaven as revealed through the Bible. The Church's entire history as the new Israel on pilgrimage to the heavenly Jerusalem is supernaturally mirrored in the Revelation to John, also called The Apocalypse. St. John's mysterious book shows that the Church is itself a living letter to mankind revealing the path to salvation. Reg. $12.95