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Angels Around Us
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    Angels Around Us

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    Author: Phillips, David

    Order Number: 8061CD

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    Original music by David Phillips featuring full orchestration. Angels... the word conjures up many images in our minds - protector, guardian, friend. Their presence can be felt in the light in a child's eye, in the early morning wisps of fog in the forest, in the beauty of a sunset over the ocean, or in the presence of a friend next to you. The music of "Angels Around Us" is my attempt to remind us all of their heavenly presence in our lives and of the love they have for us, to light, to guard, and to guide.

    Angels Around Us received UCMVA's Best Instrumental Album of the Year in 2004!!

    1. Angels Around Us
    2. Into the Rainbow
    3. Visit To Earth
    4. Do Angels Cry
    5. I Belive In Angels
    6. Happily Ever After
    7. Road to Eternity
    8. Morning Sunlight
    9. Light In a Child's Eye
    10. Angels in Disguise
    11. A Rustle of Wings
    12. A Dream Come True